Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Millions of Americans struggle to cope with chronic pain, stress and physical discomfort every day.  At the Muscle Therapy Room we can help you find relief fast, using ancient therapies, natural remedies, and new techniques and technologies from medical experts around the world.   

Our goal is to help you live a fuller healthier life which means moving more freely, feeling stronger and being more energized and more positive about yourself and you future.

4 Core Principles
for addressing the body to establish regeneration true wellness and lasting lifestyle changes.
Cell Health
Nutrition Guidance 
and Joint
Body Awareness

We seem to do everything right when it come to wellness and self care.  Nutrition, exercise we make great effort but get no lasting results and worse yet limited pain relief. Will our bodies ever be able to recycle, process and regenerate again? 

Yes! Our Bodies Can Regenerate, Rebuild, Strengthen, THRIVE!

       In order for regeneration to happen the MTR will address these 4 core principals :

                 1. Improve your health and well being at the cellular level. Giving you a current baseline to                      see where you are now and what steps might be needed for nutritional improvement.

               2. Regenerate lymphatic movement.  When the lymphatic system backs up or slow down,                          well that means your  organs are backing up and slowing down.

               3. Massage and muscle care. Strip away all the years and layers of toxic waste and scar                             tissue left behind in our muscle and joints.

               4. Reconnecting the mind to movement through muscle activation, stretching and body                              awareness.

         Here at MTR, our massage services and wellness programs are design to:


          1. Optimize energy levels by improving micro circulation.

          2. Reduce stress patterns and tension in overused muscles.

          3. Restore the ability to relax and sleep naturally.

          4. Living in the now, focusing on todays lifestyle and body movement improvement.


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