• Drink plenty of the purest water you can find

  • Do not exercise until the next day

  • Avoid chills, drafts or excessive heat for 4-6 hrs.

  • Avoid hot showers, steam, sauna until next day (use warm water)

  • Do not receive other bodywork for 48 hours as this could overload your system or complicate the work that was done.

  • Remember that ACE Massage Cupping™ therapy starts working on opening lymphatic pathways for those who have “solid bloat”, debris and congestion, or specific trauma to the tissue, often with dramatic results. Subsequent sessions clear deeper layers of old congestion and restriction to effect significant change in conditions.

  • If you are receiving the body cocoon, it is important to avoid showers or baths until the next day.

  • Skin discolorations reveal old blood trapped in the tissue and will dissipate between 1-4 days.

  • Call your therapist with any questions you might have.

  • Burning sensations can occur and have often indicated a renewed blood flow to the tissue or natural separation of old adhesions in the fascia.

  • Tune in to the messages your body sends, including a change in sleep patterns, appetite, thirst, mood, energy, elimination of fluids and solids, how clothes fit, digestion, breathing capacity, pain levels, endurance, recovery time (athletes) and any other changes that you notice.


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