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 BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy

By improving the micro circulation and improving oxygenation / oxygen extraction gives hope for:

General Health

     & Beauty

Sports & Injuries



Mental Conditions

Skin Conditions

& Wounds





Scientifically Proven Effects of BEMER Therapy

BEMER is the only PEMFT that has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to your health.

When exposed to the BEMER, the resulting measurable, crucial physiological have been scientifically proven:


  • 29% Improved blood microcirculation. More capillaries are open to carry blood. The Microcirculation Institute in Berlin maintains that there is no other therapy improves blood circulation like BEMER

  • 29% Improved oxygen extraction

  • 31% Increased back flow

  • 29% Increase in ATP production, the energy component of the cell

  • Optimized cohesive behavior of ICAM-1 (leukocytes) therefore optimized immune response

  • Normalized (70 - 90mV) electrical potential of cell membrane ions channels to function optimally

  • Improved removal of body poisons and toxins

  • Significantly improves the partial oxygen pressure

  • Improves red blood properties by separating the red blood cells that tend to stick together, preventing the blood from flowing through open capillaries

  • Improves the individual cell’s metabolism (i.e. acidity levels and membrane voltage potential) hence improving the cells proper functioning

  • Improved elasticity of blood vessels

  • Rapid wound healing and regeneration including increased bone density

  • Stimulation of nerve pulse transmission

  • Stimulates NO mechanism which acts as a vasodilator

  • Optimize the release of HSP70 which synthesize repair proteins

These are also the most important parameters in Intensive Care Units, as their improvement promotes healing. These physiological changes improve cellular health. Organs can function optimally and the body is enabled to heal itself by the strengthening the immune system. It can then better recognize & destroy, or dismantle abnormal cells that are not functioning properly.