The Dream Team

Connie Steffon LMT, NSCA-CPT, PN1

Health and Wellness Coach

Licensed Massage Therapist

Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition Certified

A love for the human anatomy and a nut for how it works, I knew working with the body is a must. But missing my window of opportunity for physical therapy, I realized that going down a more holistic route was doable. Not only was it doable but a wonderful discovery! Becoming a Certified Massage Therapist!  But I learned quickly that what I was providing as a therapist was only helping them maintain their current state of well-being instead of improving it . So in order for me to help clients overcome these obstacles I decided to also to get my certification for Personal Training. Now I’m able to address the body more as a whole unit instead of parts,  with better results. But once again, I came across roadblocks with clients.

It seems that were doing everything right. Starting at the top, eating right, exercising regularly, doing what all the doctors are requesting that we do. Overall people’s well-being is improving but capping off. This is not good.From my own personal experience with fatigue and the inability to bounce back from an illness, I  needed to dig deeper into the body. I discovered that  we need to reboot the

energy system of the body. Starting at the cellular level with improving blood flow,  increase nutritional and waste exchange, improve lymphatic movement which will help the organs (liver kidneys) detoxing the system naturally. Then the movement system of the body -  bones, muscles, tendon, joints…then the nutritional and exercises will be more absorbable, body and mind… creating an environment for the body to once again self- regulate and self- heal.

Kimberly Lokitus LMT

Licensed Massage therapist

has 10 years of experience and offers a variety of massage treatments  and services. Kim specializes in multiple modalities and is able to customize your massage to your bodies changing needs. Building long term client therapist  relationship give the client a more personalizing approach to wellness. 

Swedish/ Firm Massage  

Deep Tissue Sports Massage TMJ Trigger Point Neuromuscular Massage Therapeutic 

Prenatal/ Side Lying

Hot Stone



Assisted Stretching    

Scrubs and Body Wraps


Partners and Resources

Justin Bartlett, DC

Applied Kinesiology is a technique used by chiropractors to diagnose problems in patients. It utilizes muscle testing to identify areas of stress in the body. Stress can present in mechanical (joint
subluxations, muscle trigger points, muscle imbalances, meridian/energy imbalances), nutritional (vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, the need to detox candida, parasites, food toxins, or environmental toxins), or emotional.

Gregory Curtiss, AP,MS,LMT

His widely ranging studies and work experience provide the context for truly effective healing. He sees clients of all ages from babies and toddlers to children and teens to adults and seniors. Greg received advanced training in treating neurological challenges and physical conditions such as chronic pain and now specializes in these areas.

The “root cause” of about 90% of all health issues is poor blood flow. 


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